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Windows Gadgets

Recently, I decided to write myself a couple Windows Desktop Gadgets for Windows 7. I wanted to be able to see the load averages on all my servers without opening an SSH connection and I wanted to be able to quickly generate a random password without opening a web page.

The graphic on these aren't spectacular ... I'm a more of a programmer and less of a designer. They've been tested with Windows 7 Professional, but I assume that they will also work as Windows Vista Sidebar gadgets.

Since I only have a couple of them, I'll just put them here:

Load Averages Gadget

Keeping an eye on the load averages of your webserver is generally a good idea. I used to keep a PuTTY window open with htop running for each of my servers so that I could easily flip over and check load averages and such.

With this Load Average desktop gadget, you can put a small script on your server and see the load averages right on your desktop! The server script requires that you are running PHP >= 5.1.3.


  • Select the delay between updates.
  • Define location of server side script.
  • Put multiple copies on your desktop to keep up with all your servers.

Download the Load Average Gadget

Download the PHP script

Password Generator Gadget

A random password generator is an invaluable tool for an IT professional. This desktop gadget will allow you to quickly create a random password.

The Password Generator gadget has the following features:

  • Set password length (4-12)
  • Include/exclude different character sets (Symbols, Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers)
  • Choose the maximum number of symbols the password can contain.
  • Force password to start with alpha-numeric when using symbols
  • One-click copy to clipboard.
  • Option to Copy to Clipboard on generate.

Download the gadget here!