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Pushover Library for Codeigniter

I recently discovered the Pushover app while browsing IFTTT recipes. I have a number of cron jobs and IFTTT recipes that send me text message notifications and, after discovering Pushover, I decided to convert them to use Pushover notifications. I like that Pushover gives me the ability to set a custom sound and priority in the app; I can now distinguish which cron is sending me a notice from the notification sound on my phone. Also, the messge limit is 512 characters for Pushover; sometimes it's nice to have more than the 160 allowed in a text message.

Since most of the tinkering I do is in CodeIgniter, the obvious place for me to start was with a Pushover Library for CodeIgniter. It has been tested in the latest stable version of CodeIgniter (2.1.3).

You can download the library from my CodeIgniter-Pushover GitHub Repository.

The library is still in its infancy with many changes planned, but it's enough to get Pushover notifications up and running your CodeIgniter application. Let me know if you have any feature suggestions or ideas of how the library could be improved.

Enjoy ...