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The KVM Manual

In my quest for a rackmount KVM that would not break the bank, I came across a number of older Compaq KVMs that would exactly suit my needs. While I was looking at the KVM trying to figure out how much I wanted to pay for it, I realized that there were no buttons or any hardware means of selecting the computer that you were viewing. It all had to be done from the OSD.

The problem is, no one had a manual for the switch and no one really knew how to operate it. So, I went searching for a manual. 

In my quest for a manual, I found that a number of people were looking for the same thing.

Well, I finially found a manual. So I'm going to post it here for everyone to use. There is a link below to download the file. The manual covers the operation of the following Compaq KVM Switches:

  • 2-Port EO1002
  • 4-Port EO1004A (147092-001)
  • 8-Port EO1004B (147094-001)
  • Dual Console 8-Port EO1004C (147091-001)
  • Dual Console 8-Port DC EO1003

Compaq KVM Manual

Hope this helps!